WOD: 7-12-12

Strength:  3 max attempts of:

Toes to Bar

WOD:  6 rounds for time of:

20 Push Press (75/55)
20 Overhead Squats (75/55)


After an internal 10 second debate as to how I would open today’s discussion, I figured this sentence was my best option.  I have pushed back (by one full sentence ) the fact that I cannot wait for you all to do this workout!  I just cannot help myself…I am actually sitting and smiling (talented huh!) as I type away.  This little gem is actually a scaled down version of a WOD I did a while back that caught me really off guard.  I enjoy OHS immensely and the loads for all the reps was below light.  I started this workout in the same way you are going to (guns blazing) and even with my first two rounds done unbroken, the remainder of the workout felt like it had a personal grudge against me.  The sheer quantity of reps is like getting into a fight with 240 5 year old boys.  One by one, I can take ’em out, but after a while, it will get overwhelming.

If you are thinking about pacing yourself, don’t.  As soon as you walk into Reebok CrossFit Back Bay, you will note that this is a test of physical capacity and of being able to push just one more rep.  This is mentally easier than most WODs because the load is by no means something that will need much focus.  Instead you should force those muscles to fire away (with perfect form and safety) until the bitter end.  I am personally interested in your times and since I am not around, please post your times on the comments section.  Plus you don’t want to miss out on knowing what it is like to fight 240 toddlers.

That last sentence is ridiculous,



Games are so soon!!!

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